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Description Date Options
Keysoft Licensing Setup 64-bit 05/05/2020 Download
Sentinel Command Line Runtime 21/01/2014 Download
Description Date Options
Keysoft Landscape Object Enablers v12 22/05/2020 Download
Keysoft Traffic Object Enablers (64-bit) 11/05/2020 Download
Keysoft Landscape Object Enablers v11 (64-bit) 08/06/2018 Download

Note: Object enablers allow limited editing of our features when using 64-bit AutoCAD 2017 to AutoCAD 2021 and respective vertical products. If you have any questions please contact our support team.

Description Date Options
KeySCAPE Revit 2020 Plugin 06/07/2020 Download
KeySCAPE Revit 2019 Plugin 06/07/2020 Download
KeySCAPE Revit 2018 Plugin 06/07/2020 Download
KeySCAPE Revit 2017 Plugin 06/07/2020 Download
KeySCAPE Revit 2021 Plugin 06/07/2020 Download
KeySCAPE LT & KeyTREE LT v12.0 Hotfix 24/01/2020 Download
KeySCAPE 11.3.X Hotfix all versions 17/07/2018 Download
KeySCAPE 11.2.2 Hotfix for LT 2018 only 29/06/2018 Download
KeyTREE LT 11.2 HotFix 02/06/2017 Download
ASC to Point Data Converter 09/08/2016 Download
KeySCAPE Permaculture Plant Lists 29/07/2016 Download
Access Database Engine 2010 (x64) monitor 02/03/2016 Download
Access Database Engine x64 28/05/2014 Download